Thursday, June 11, 2015

Arlo and Jake Lost Partner has launched into Cyberspace!!

That's right, Buckaroos, the highly anticipated third book in the SciFi series 'Arlo and Jake' has left the launch pad and is rocketing into Cyber Space!

Our brave compadres have embarked on another spine-tingling adventure that's fraught with danger in every corner of the Galaxy.

They battle new EUAPs (evil ugly alien predators). What has three legs, three arms, and a tri-faceted face only it's mother could love and we're not sure about her?

There are more dazzling space battles with lasers, particle beams and kitchen sinks being thrown at high speed against overwhelming odds. Has the FTG Triumph met it's match? Why is Jake spinning like a top OUTSIDE the battleship?

Hmmm. Arlo meets the gorgeous eight-legged Tia. Does Arlo's outdated sense of chivalry keep him focused on the love of his life, Tizzy, or....

They encounter weird new AIs (Artificial Intelligence) that may or may not be sane. How can you tell with an AI? Can AIs have siblings? Who or what the heck is 'FrankenBot'?

There are hopeless conundrums, brave acts of daring-do, strange worlds where small partners must survive and as always lots of just plain FUN!

Join my heroes and their shipmates on the space battleship FTG Triumph as we dive into another adventure with 'Arlo and Jake Lost Partner'.

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Monday, November 3, 2014

The end is near!

All the characters are in place.

The Chi' is pissed and getting ready to smash and destroy. The D'bak chieftain wants more heads for his trophy room. Trakk just wants Arlo's head on his belt buckle.

Jake, Pixie and Sargent Major Grady are scrambling to figure out where Arlo and the other partners are trapped and put together a rescue mission to ???

Arlo, Tia and Squeaky are frantically trying to find a way off the planet. Will their make shift shuttle hold together long enough to rescue the partners? What happened to Cheto?

And what's up with Kandi, the android? Will she betray her master, Trakk? What could she do to help, anyway? Do androids dream of electric Q'ueep? (nobody will get that ;-)

All the cast for the final battle for the Lost Partners are girding up and ready to go!

It's time to boogie!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Arlo and Tia meet Squeaky

The plot quickens, me Buckoos!

Arlo and Tia somehow made it to an abandoned shuttle port. Or so they think. It's hard to tell with all the junk laying around. What happened to the maid service? Yukk.

No sooner did they start turning valves and flipping switches, than 'Squeaky' pops up! The station AI has been dormant for years, only waking up to do some house cleaning (right... this place is mess!) and call out vainly for supplies for the umpteenth time. E.T. needs more Brillo pads, Please!

Tia finds an 'On' switch and triggers an alarm! Squeaky wakes up to see if it's another critter that somehow made it into the control room. Ah... nope.

What I'm exploring in this scene is an AI that's been abused or abandoned or both! How would an AI react to being left behind on a planet where everything wants to eat you or rip you to pieces? (Yes, I know about HAL's story. And No, it's not like that.)

Can my heroes convince Squeaky that they are friends and he has nothing to fear from them?

Will Squeaky help them escape?

How can he?

Will he be left behind again?

Or will Squeaky stick to his programming and fry our little lizard buddies before they can jump? Arlo fritters?? Noooooooo....

Hell, I don't know. I'm still working it all out! ;-)

Stay tuned.

Be cool and watch out for Octozoids!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Jake's in big trouble!!

When Arlo is lizard-napped, Jake wants to lead the search for his little buddy. But the needs of the Space Navy outweigh the needs of the ABS (Able Bodied Spaceman) and Jake must join the crew of the Battleship 'Triumph' and fight the bad guys in a solar system on the other side of the galaxy!

Freakin' Heck, Gosh Darn, Dag Nab It and less PC phrases!

And true to Jake's KI (Karmic Index), the proverbial poop hits the rotating propeller! Jake reports to his battle post in the weapons division, ready to lend a technical hand and kick some slimy Octozoid tentacle! But in the heat of the first battle, something goes terribly wrong!!

Book three, 'Lost Partner', of the humorous SciFi, adventure series is nearing the half way mark! Our heroes have been torn apart and each is fighting for his life and the lives of his friends.

Of course Arlo has already found a new love, Tia, but he's always been the ladies man of the duo!

Will Jake survive a battle against a fleet of GHA ( Galactic Houses of Aquinoxous) Baddies of the First Order? Will Arlo become giant spider's spring egg roll snack?

We'll know soon, I'm at 27,000 words and counting! Whoo Hoo!

Be cool
Be happy
Be the Bee, ya'll

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Arlo meets Tia...

Arlo has been dumped on the mining planet, forced into slavery with hundreds of other partners. They spend dawn to dusk in a frantic search for 'crystal'; the primary ingredient in a drug that the D'bak control throughout the galaxies.

True to Arlo's karma, he meets a dazzling, neon blue sweetheart, Tia, on the very first day. What are the chances? ;-) Tia has it all; slim body, brilliant green eyes; cute pink tuffs over the eye crests and that little something extra... eight legs!

Unfortunately, everyone is so busy searching for enough crystal to meet their daily quota, there may not be time for Arlo to do much more than talk the talk. Of course, for Arlo, talkin' is a specialty.

Still, who knows what kind of relationship they can form on this dismal swamp planet. Especially when they only see each other for the last few moments of the day, before exhaustion takes them both.

Will love bloom on planet yukky?

Will Tia put that sparkle back into Arlo eyes and the bounce in his step? We certainly hope so!

Tia is just one of the new characters in book 3 of the 'Arlo and Jake' series. I hope you enjoy it!

BTW, 20,000 words and counting! Whoo Hoo!

Monday, June 2, 2014

A new beginning!

I'm starting this blog to give my readers and potential readers a chance to get up close and personal with the cool characters in the 'Arlo and Jake' SciFi adventure series.

Whoo! Hooo! Here we go!

Arlo and Jake are the unlikely heroes of this SciFi adventure series. Not unwilling, mind you, but certainly not prepared to be snatched off their comfortable beach side bungalow and tossed into interstellar war!

This series is meant to be on the quirky side, a little off center; you know, funny. It's not 'for adults only', there is no explicit sex or graphic violence.  But poor Jake's conservative nature does get tested pretty often, the moral structures in the Universe are not like Earth's.

The Universe that Jake and Arlo are snapped up into has handsome men and beautiful women of all shapes, sizes and species. Why? Because when you join the fight you're dunked into a DNA-syncing goo that tags your genome to your prime age and enhances your perceptions! And, oh by the way, Arlo becomes sentient!

The Universe also has some pretty awesome bad guys! A giant Octozoid warrior class, whale like command class, and of course it has the sacrificial grunts, who not only man the coral ships of the GHA but have to keep from being dinner for the larger species! Being at the bottom of the food and command chain stinks.

Jake Jasper is a retired software geek and ex-nuclear submarine wing nut. After losing his wife and childhood sweetheart to cancer he decided to move down to Port Aransas, Texas, where he and his wife used to vacation.

Arlo is a Furcifer pardalis, a panther chameleon, a pet Jake picked, well he can't remember where. But Arlo is the perfect compadre for Jake; quiet, contemplative and he keeps the sand flies and gnats under control. Jake knows Arlo is the intellectual type because they have conversations about life's weirdness all the time. Jake asks the questions and Arlo nods in appreciation of Jake's brilliant and insightful observations. It's a good partnership.

More to come...